Trade Securely

Here are our four golden tips for making sure your buying and/or selling experience with us is safe and secure.

1. Always keep your correspondence with a buyer and seller within ArtRehome’s messaging system. Not only does this mean your messages with each other are retained on our secure system for future reference, but in the event of a dispute, we can share the information with the Adjudicators so your interests are assured.

2. Always make sure you have a PayPal account when buying through ArtRehome. Yes, it’s possible to buy through ArtRehome without one (for selling it’s obligatory at this time) but PayPal give much more security to its members, so signing up before you purchase an item makes sure they are acting in your best interests, not just the seller’s.

3. Never try to secure a sale privately without using ArtRehome’s secure purchasing system and beware of either a buyer or seller asking you to bypass the system. This protects your interests for the reasons given above. PLEASE beware of scammers trying to bypass the ArtRehome system. Not only could you could lose all your money AND please note that ArtRehome charges 15% of the original sales price from both seller and buyer (as mentioned in our Terms and conditions) for sales transacted outside of ArtRehome.

4. Be honest and open in all your messages and transactions. In the event of a dispute, if you were deemed to be honest in all you pledged, your chances of success in a claim will be hugely increased.

Very best of luck in your purchasing and selling through ArtRehome and if you are unsure, just contact us beforehand and we’ll answer your questions as best we can.