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To make sure you're covered in case of disputes, as a buyer and seller on ArtRehome, you will need a PayPal account. If you don't have one, just click on the link here to set one up. It's quick, safe and easy! Once done, return to ArtRehome to complete your sign-up. Unfortunately it is currently not possible to trade on Artrehome as either a buyer or seller without a Paypal account… we’re working on alternatives!

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Our Terms & Conditions

Each term and condition is important but ArtRehome wanted to stress the importance of one particular issue. It concerns the benefit ArtRehome can offer in the event of a dispute by having a clear record of all communication. It is principally for this reason that we ask both Buyer and Seller to communicate only through the ArtRehome website. The Terms and Conditions are also explicit on the consequences on ArtRehome’s commission in the event that sales take place outside of the website:

“If a Buyer and Seller of an artwork listed for sale on our site decide to make contact independently of our site, and a sale of that artwork is agreed, then ArtRehome Ltd shall be entitled to claim the maximum sales commission of 15% of the original listed sales price of the artwork on our site and both the buyer and seller shall be liable to pay us this commission within 14 days of our request.”

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