Provenance, when selling a piece of art, is very important. It defines exactly when and where that artwork was bought and for what price, giving a buyer confidence that it is in fact an original piece by the artist the seller claims it to be.

Many people don’t have sufficient ‘provenance’ for their work and struggle to prove its authenticity, which would give potential customers peace-of-mind when buying a valuable investment.

ArtRehome’s truly unique Provenance Rating System (PRS) has been designed to help sellers and buyers trade with confidence.

Through ArtRehome’s Provenance Rating System (PRS) the actual artist, and/or galleries that know and trade in their work, can provenance rate a seller’s work for them for a small fee, so both buyers and sellers can be assured of its authenticity.

When you’ve successfully listed your artwork, you can then contact the artists, and/or a representative of their work (gallery/dealer), to gain a rating as to its validity through ArtRehome. This rating will help a seller’s potential buyers see how authentic it is and therefore make sure it sells for its optimal value.

What’s more, we believe that if you decide to sell your piece of art elsewhere, you will be able to use that rating to help prove the work’s authenticity in other places.

So why not sign up now…? You’re just one click away from buying or selling some stunning pieces. And who knows, you may even pick up a bargain to start, or enhance your own art collection, or make space on your walls for new works of art!