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'Bournemouth Shines' - by Richard Rowan

Painting - Oil

Oil on glass of Bournemouth Pier viewed from the clifftop looking west at sunset. Unusually it is painted directly onto the glass from the back. This is a total one off, there will be no copies nor is it part of a series. The artist signature is also on the reverse of the glass. It is very hard to get the subtlety of the brushwork or colours in a photo, and the colours change as light moves across the glass. If you use the magnify function you will see the four birds in the air, one each for the artist, his wife and two children. We will consider delivering ourselves dependent on buyers location. WE do have a certificate of authenticity supplied by the gallery when we purchased the painting, i forgot to add it to the listing at the beginning.


Delivery: £25.00
Width: 800 mm 
Height: 800 mm 
Depth: 40 mm 

Location: Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Provenance - ArtRehome provenance rating not applied for