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'Aggelon Andron' - by Iannis Nikou

Painting - Oil

With the theme titled “The world of Angels” the artist attempted, by means of his “artistic license”, to personify and thus give a human shape to a dimension which is, in axiomatic terms, distant and transcendental. An ancient symbol, which can be found in many religious beliefs as well in ancient legends of civilizations. An unseen, mystic world, wears our familiar form with its weaknesses and passions …The egocentricity, lust, deceit, the negative elements of human nature, created an opportunity for the artist to bridge the real with the transcendental world, and to use the painted image to depict the first fall of man. Angels which are capable of seduction and yet vulnerable, infected by our touch… On the other hand, they always remain the messengers of Another World and they maintain their metaphysical identity. So, the artist presents them grieving, sympathizing with the course of Humanity, observing and punishing the choices of mortals like severe Judges, aloof and dreadful, as they were meant to be…


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Width: 195 mm 
Height: 230 mm 
Depth: 7 mm 

Location: London, United Kingdom

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