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'Rare Seascape Piece' - by S. Lee

Painting - Oil

It is with great dismay that I am compelled to rehome what is a rare and extraordinary piece by the mysterious artist known as S. Lee. This painting is an oil on panel seascape. The way in which the artist has met the colours of an evening sky with the reflections and calming motion of the ocean is spectacular. The sailing vessels seen therein seem to depict a sense of tranquility in otherwise busy fishing waters. One can only wonder whether the fisherman accustomed to working laboriously on such vessels get to experience such peacful moments on a regular basis or has a rare moment of calmness been captured and preserved like a warm summer memory. Have these humble fishing boats endured a quiet day of rest and only now when the sun sets are preparing to set out on a journey wrought with danger? Regardless of how you interpret the beautiful story told herein it will never cease to challenge your imagination. The owner of this beautiful painting will be able to spend many an hour pondering the nature of the story being told and reliving the adventures it brings to life. This is no ordinary piece by S.Lee, even the slightest amount of research into his previous works will reveal the unique nature of this painting. About the artist: S.LEE — S.Lee was born in Canton, China in the 1950s. Mr. Lee studied at the Fine Arts Institute of China. Upon graduation he journeyed to the United States to further his study of art. The subject matter for S. Lee is quite varied although he more frequently paints interior and garden scenes on panel in great detail, along with some still lifes. Rarely painting in sizes over 20 x 24, his meticulous and realistic still-lifes and interiors cause many people to just stare at his work in disbelief. The level of detail he paints is astouding. This is achieved by working on panels as opposed to canvas and the fine lines are painted with a brush that contains a single horse hair.


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Location: Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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