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'Dotilla Hakari (Sand Bubbler Crab Feast)' - by Deana Lee

Sculpture - Mixed Media

This wall art was inspired by the simple beauty of the spoil heaps formed by the crabs as they feed on algae – these wonderful patterns are created and destroyed with each tidal cycle; rising tides bringing new grains of sand covered in fresh algae to the crab burrows, ebbing waters allow time for the crabs to eat the algae and dispose of the sand in little balls. For them merely a function, for us humans, a work of art. Smoke Fired Porcelain, 22 Carat Gold Leaf on Walnut DELIVERY COSTS: Please contact the artist directly as costs will vary depending on your location.


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This is an artist's new piece of artwork
Width: 800 mm 
Height: 400 mm 
Depth: 90 mm 

Seller: Deana Lee
Location: Greater London, United Kingdom

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