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'Youth serenity (2009)' - by Incze D

Painting - Oil

A portrait is a story in itself. One would say that portraits are the most difficult topic for painting and perhaps for arts. The portraitist usually requires a special gift according to some. The most important for a portrait is to make a connection between the viewer and the model. This portrait catches a state of spirit of the model and her characteristic. The portrait relays a state of spirit, an emotion rather than a physical description. For many artists it is the ultimate goal to catch a still moment within a developing occurrence. Oil painting on canvas. The most famous paint in the world (Old Holland) has been used for this painting. The painting comes with a frame, included in the price. *** I recommend that you take a few steps back from the monitor when watching on full screen this painting. ***


Delivery: £70.00
Width: 400 mm 
Height: 500 mm 

Location: essex, United Kingdom

Provenance - ArtRehome provenance rating not applied for