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'The Wild Geese' - by Jenny Jones

Painting - Oil

Sizes: Frame 35.5 x 25.25 inches (900mm x 640mm) Painting 29.5 x 19.5 inches (750mm x 495mm) About the artist Jenny Jones was born in Norfolk in 1954, and brought up in Shropshire. She went to school in Hertfordshire, and after leaving school she went to Florence for five months to study part-time with a painter called Russell Foreman. On her return, she did a foundation course at Shrewsbury Art School, followed by a degree at Farnham. In 1976 she began to exhibit oil paintings while teaching part-time. Jenny was married in 1978 and she stopped painting for a child rearing break – and in 1983 she began to paint again, and she was painting and exhibiting regularly by the time her daughter was born in 1990. In 1998 she was involved in a series of six educational programmes for Channel 4 and the BBC. She was one of six people featured working in the arts, and was chosen to do the programme which concentrated on painting. She started illustrating in 1998, and “Danny and the Great White Bear” written by Anne Cottringer was published by Macmillan in September 1999. “Happy Birthday Amelia” by Nicola Moon, published by Pavilion followed in October 1999. “When I grow up” by Lenny Gooding was published by Macmillan in 2000. “The Sand Bear” by Shen Roddie, was published by Bloomsbury in 2002 and “Harry’s Box” that was published in 2003. Jenny is currently working on a collection of paintings for a series of exhibitions in Wales and the borders.


Delivery: £100.00
Width: 900 mm 
Height: 640 mm 

Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

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