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'Favourite, Horse race racing painting. ' - by Laurel Moore

Painting - Oil


Delivery: £50.00

This is an artist's new piece of artwork

Width: 730 mm 
Height: 620 mm 
Depth: 20 mm 

Seller: Laurel Moore
Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Named '100 BEST ARTISTS WORLDWIDE' in 2011 by The World Art Foundation. When I paint it takes me to another world - a world of silence, a special place so within myself that I can't be found by others. I adore the mysterious magic of painting. Where words are silenced and there is nothing but the flow of another ocean inside of me. Within this play I bend the rules. I change the usual landscapes and sounds - into my own reflections. The deeper I go the more perilous the journey and - the longer it takes to return. Sometimes I fear I cannot find my way back. But the adventure is too great to deny. And each foray returns me with a new gift, of something I've never seen before, something to treasure. It is my world of learning...... I am inspired by the grace, speed and power of horses. Such gentle giants, I wanted to bring that sense of life and energy into my painting. Favourite, looks to be the winning number 5. How often we as humans seek to race each other, be better, faster. Our race is always on. Sometimes we as humans remind me of racing horses. making everything about winning....... Favourite is a Traditional Original Oil painting by Laurel Moore. It is ready FRAMED as seen in photos.

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