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'Shearers' - by Alan Stones

Painting - Print


Delivery: £15.00

Width: 855 mm 
Height: 702 mm 
Depth: 35 mm 

Location: Greater London, United Kingdom

Original 8-colour lithograph, framed Artist’s Proof, signed and dated 1985 From the Farming series [Phone No removed]An edition of 100 with 10 artist's proofs. Commissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation in 1984 and printed in 8 colours, signed and numbered in 1985 at Lowick House Print Workshop on John Purcell 285gsm mould-made 100% rag paper. In the artist's words: " 'Shearers' depicts Gary, a local farm worker, and two contract shearers working on a farm close to my home. I have to say that Gary's nose is not like this. Whilst drawing for the eighth and final colour (the black), I was thinking about Federigo da Montefeltro's nose in Piero della Francesca's paintings of him, and I liked the idea of the curve of the nose echoing, in reverse, the curve of the shearer's cable. Sorry Gary!” This edition sold out. [URL removed]

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