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'Untitled original #210' - by Zamy Steynovitz

Painting - Mixed Media

One of Israel is most popular artists, Zamy now has studios both in New York and Tel Aviv. Widely exhibited, he has been honoured by heads of state throughout the world. His works have been presented by official bodies to Prime Minister Begin, Pope John Paul II and the Dalai Lama. He is an ambassador of peace and his word speaks of love, joyousness, the sanctity of family and all creation. Some of his work suggests the magic of Chagall, brought into the colours and style of the 1990s. He was commissioned to do the official portrait of peace for the proposal between Israel and Egypt in 1977. He was the number one student and Mark Chagall, you can see the influence. International deliver charges will be agreed


Delivery: £40.00
Width: 480 mm 
Height: 350 mm 

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom

Provenance - ArtRehome provenance rating not applied for