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'Converse' - by Gavin Mitchell

Figurative - Mixed Media

"Converse" is a beautiful mixed media montage depiction of a Japanese Geisha girl holding a Converse sneaker - it is part of Gavin's "East Meets West 2015" project. This is an ongoing collection of work using early 20 century Japanese postcards depicting the daily routine of a Geisha. Disrupting the inherent tranquility and ethereality by juxtaposing Western iconic imagery and exposing the implied seductiveness behind these culture portrayals. Here is an abstract from Gavin Mitchell's website on his overall artistic approach ("Mixed Up" [link removed]): "The human and material landscape is where I draw my inspiration. Captured through my lens or found through digging deep, the environment I live in and the world I travel through provides a limitless source of references that enthuse, intrigue and excite. My own photography or ‘found’ material provide me with the origins from which my artwork is created. I am always striving to find ways of adding another visual ‘layer’ to the inherently two-dimensional nature of my source. The eclectic nature of the editions of work featured on this website are a reflection of my restless ‘digging’, either visually or literally. Every corner you turn or old box you dig through can send you off on an entirely new adventure."


Delivery: £100.00
Width: 835 mm 
Height: 1300 mm 

Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom

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