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'The Street' - by Richard Combes

Painting - Oil

Richard Combes ROI MFA 20”*16”, Oil on Canvas. Richard Combes paints New York City through an alternate lens, capturing moments and finding beauty in often-neglected places—looking down at puddles to view the reflections of buildings above, for instance. Trained as an architect, Combes’ paintings display a heightened attention to architectural detail, revealing moments of structural clarity amid urban grit. A self-proclaimed “urban realist,” the artist prefers to “see cities in close-up rather than expansive views,” creating microcosms of a vast urban landscape within something as small as the capital on a subway station pillar. The British-born, New York-based painter was elected a full member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 2004, and cites 18th-century portraiture and Impressionism as his primary inspirations.


Delivery: £55.00
Width: 406 mm 
Height: 508 mm 
Depth: 30 mm 

Location: Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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