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'Julie, Baby, Youre My Flame' - by Marsha Hammel

Painting - Print

This Limited Edition Gouttelette Canvas has been printed with lightfast inks onto fine archival-quality cotton canvas, coated with acid-free priming for permanent artwork reproduction. This is print number 15 from an edition which is strictly limited to 25 copies Each print is individually checked by the printer and this certificate is numbered and then signed by the artist in approval of the edition. The song "Fever" achieved its definitive form and sophisticated sensuality when sung by Peggy Lee, after evolving from an original recorded by Little Willie John. The songwriters were Danny Tate, Guy Chadwick and Shelly Peiken. The title of this painting comes from the fourth verse, which starts with the wonderful lines: Romeo loved Juliet Juliet she felt the same When he put his arms around her He said "Julie, Baby, You're My Flame" The artist states that the images invoked by the lyrics, coupled with the unforgettable melody and the evocative rhythm, have never left her imagination. The light-hearted references to Romeo and Juliet, with a spin on Shakespearean verbiage, creates a relief of sorts to the eroticism of the composition. Marsha's painting tries to evoke the same emotion, creating a sultry singer with only the intimacy of a piano accompanist to convey the complexed power of love and passion. The canvas comes with a copy letter by Marsha Hammel which the insert above is adapted from. This is an image to be enjoyed by all viewers. Image size: (W x H) 32 x 38 ins 81 x 96 cms on canvas


Delivery: £35.00
Width: 1060 mm 
Height: 1220 mm 
Depth: 65 mm 

Location: South Ayrshire, United Kingdom

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