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'Le Tournoi' - by Alexandra Gestin

Sculpture - Bronze

Le tournoi by the artist Alexandra Gestin, is a sumo in competition. The sculpture shows not only the power but the emotion in this ancient form of Japanese combat. Alexandra Gestin possesses a singular talent which mixes strength and sensitivity. She sculpts the qualities of each human being as if it was a gift of life to allow her this discovery…. A voyage, a philosophy, a face... Her instinct guides her. Her imagination inspires her. Her hands create. "Children of the world" and "The Sumos" are the two key themes of her work. Please note that an estimation of delivery of 1000 GBP has been made but this will depend on where the sculpture is delivered to and a more exact estimation can be given if you are interested in the purchase of this artwork. Please also note that the work is valued at 13 000 Euros however we would like a quick sale so have reduced the price to 8,000GBP


Delivery: £1,000.00
Width: 500 mm 
Height: 760 mm 
Depth: 450 mm 

Location: , France

Provenance - ArtRehome provenance rating not applied for