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'The Sin of the Godlies' - by Iannis Nikou

Painting - Oil

Mystic texts of the cultures of the East and West, the World of Shadows of the Ancient Greeks, medieval literature (especially that of Dante, Petrarche, Boccacio and others), and the Transcendental realm in general, are a constant inspiration to the artist, for the realization of pictorially demanding and dynamic paintings. From as early as the Middle Ages, painters such as the great Flemish masters, Bosch, Brueghel and Grünenwald and then later the Romantics and Goya, described paganistic scenes and a primeval world. As with them, the artist represents the eternal battle between Light and Dark with an art that goes beyond the rational world: an art that is revealing… With the help of Symbolism and allegory, he can detect and depict. the lie, the ugliness, or even the beauty, wherever it exists…. Thus, exploring with his paintings these inscrutable worlds, the artist comes to contribute to a universal, visionary Museum of Creation.


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Width: 120 mm 
Height: 150 mm 
Depth: 7 mm 

Location: London, United Kingdom

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