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'Carpet, 2013' - by Nargess Hashemi

Abstract - Drawing

Original drawing on graph paper, signed by the artist and box frame mounted with anti-reflective and anti-UV artglass. The works of Nargess Hashemi are intimate observations of the dualities that permeate her daily existence in Iran. The artist, born 1979, Tehran, grew up in a traditional household and studied Ancient Persian at the Neyshabour Institute and Fine Art at Tehran University. She has exhibited her work in solo shows in Tehran, France, the USA and Dubai. Hashemi's style has developed from the largely figurative works depicting intimate, domestic and celebratory scenes of her earlier series to her most recent work in which she uses graph paper to experiment with more abstract, geometric compositions. Despite this new direction the central themes of the artist's work remain. Her preoccupation with the familial routines and habits that she has grown up with are always evident in her work, they reflect a conflicted sense of belonging and detachment, nostalgia and uneasiness, comfort and entrapment. The use of pattern is another dominant element almost always present in Hashemi's work, such as the complex bands of repetitive, brightly coloured shapes occupying the minute 1 mm x 1 mm squares of graph paper in her Carpet series, she uses pattern in its many varying forms as both literal and abstract manifestations of the influence of environment and tradition. Works in the Carpet series resemble Oriental floor coverings with concentric borders containing fields of decorative patterns. The artist reminds us of the notion that carpets are an extension of the Iranian household, a portable home of sorts. The artist thinks of these works as a metaphorical representation of the essence of 'home' and all of the monotonous repetition, constraint and order that comes with that concept. Unlike the many complexities and restrictions of real life, here, Hashemi's only constraint is the size of the individual pieces of graph paper.


Delivery: £150.00
Width: 1000 mm 
Height: 700 mm 
Depth: 50 mm 

Location: London, United Kingdom

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