Here are some of the most common questions we are asked. If you can't find the answer to you question here, send it to us through the contact page and we'll do our best to answer it for you.

How does ArtRehome work?

After registering, you can add your pieces of art to ArtRehome’s database. It’s free to upload any piece and you’ll only pay from as little as 2.5%* a commission. (*PayPal and relevant royalty fees are additional)

How much does ArtRehome charge?

ArtRehome is here to support the industry. As such, we even allow a seller to choose how much they’d like to pay for ArtRehome’s services, using our Fair Pricing Policy. You can choose to prepay from as little as 2.5% or post-sale from just 7.5% for commission-based listings!

How Secure is buying and selling through ArtRehome?

Buying and selling works is very secure as long as you follow our 4 golden rules. You can read these by clicking here. We will do all we can to protect your trading through ArtRehome and are passionate about making sure both buyer and seller are protected when following our simple guidelines.

Can you advise me on pricing my artwork?

Unfortunately we don’t have that facility as yet, but there are some great resources in the web to give you an idea on the value of your work. For example, search for something of the same size by the same artist and use that as a guide. Also you could check online pricing resources (some paid for) like ArtPrice or ArtNet.

We recommend you price your work competitively, as putting too unrealistic a price at the outset may put off a potential buyer even making an offer. Somewhere between what you paid for it and what the artist’s current prices are would be a good starting point but remember, the more competitive you price it, the better chance you have of a quick sale. Sure, it’s possible to reduce your prices, but by then, the initial impact may well have been lost. In the end, it’s your choice, so good luck!

How much does the Provenance Rating System cost?

Once you’ve uploaded your artwork for sale, you can ask the artists, or a gallery that deals in that artist’s work, to provenance rate it for you, giving confidence to your potential buyers. This is a one-off fee of just £25 per rating. And you only get charged this fee if an artist or gallery rates your work for you. No rating, no charge… simple!

How long will my listing remain live and is there a charge for listing?

Unlike other sites that limit your listing time to only a month and also charge you to list sales, ArtRehome currently allows a generous 120 days for pre-paid listings or 90 days for commission listings. We even send reminders from time-to-time with helpful tips on how to update your listing to make it more attractive to potential buyers and get the most of your listing’s potential.

Is there a limit to what I can list on ArtRehome?

We employ a fair usage policy. If listings are spread occasionally over months, we will often allow as many as a person wants to list. However we may reject more than five listings per person within any week, or a total of 30 at any one time live on the site if we feel our fair usage policy is being abused.

In short, think less and occasionally, that bulk and often, and we’ll do what we can to support you.

How can I best photograph my artwork and at what size?

Getting the best images for your website is essential if you are to optimise your sales potential. As this is so important, ArtRehome has created a separate How-To page for photographing your artwork, which you can see by clicking here.

I’m an artist/gallery/dealer Can I list new works of art?

Yes, you can. Not only that, if you help us to help you, you can list them commission-FREE! Go to our HOW ARTREHOME WORKS page for more details.

How should I communicate with a buyer or seller?

You should ONLY communicate with a buyer or seller through ArtRehome. Communicating outside of ArtRehome will not only breach our terms and conditions and incur charges but if there is a dispute, we will not be able to support you which means you could lose your claim for compensation or a refund.

What happens in the case of a dispute?

ArtRehome works exclusively with PayPal so disputes can be solved reliably and professionally. For this reason we HIGHLY RECOMMEND both sellers and buyers have a PayPal account before buying or selling art with us. In the unlikely event of a dispute, PayPal will then handle it professionally for both parties, giving you peace of mind. And ArtRehome will help solve disputes by sharing all the relevant correspondence with them about the transaction.

How should I price delivery?

Courier charges are the seller’s obligation. Pick ups aren’t possible on ArtRehome as your buyer may well live in other parts of the country or internationally, so a delivery price will need to be calculated.

The price you should add in the delivery field is an inland one. You can use resources like www.parcel2go.com or www.parcelhero.com to get an idea of price (both local and international) but remember to get an insured quote too. You’ll need the approximate packaged weight and dimensions for an accurate quote.

For international deliveries we would recommend putting a comment in the description field stating something like ‘international courier charges negotiable’ so a potential buyer knows he could buy outside of the work’s country of origin, which increases your chances of a sale hugely.

What Options do I have to list artwork as an Artist or Gallery?

There are two options for professionals

1. To list Pre-Owned art you only need to choose which percentage you think fair using our fair pricing policy. Percentages start at just 2.5%* for pre-paid listings or 7.5%* for commission listings and goes up incrementally to 15% if you enjoy using our service. You can choose which commission you’d like when listing. Your item/s. (*PayPal and relevant royalty fees are additional)

2. As an artist or gallery, you can also list 'New' works on the site. To do this just click on the ‘New work’ tick box when listing your artwork. There is no additional charge for this so the same fees apply as above.

Do I have to have a PayPal account in order to LIST or BUY on ArtRehome?

You can buy any works of art through ArtRehome without a PayPal account, but we think it’s advisable to have one as PayPal offers security to their partners in the event of a dispute. However, you do have to have a PayPal account to sell art on ArtRehome. The reason we ask all sellers to have a PayPal account is so the chosen seller commissions can be split easily on payment and it gives all sellers peace of mind in the event of a dispute. We are working to offer other avenues of safe payment, but at present it is only possible through PayPal.

In the event of a dispute, ArtRehome will share all information about the transaction with PayPal who will adjudicate the dispute for both parties. With large ticket items like fine Art, ArtRehome feel this is advisable for the protection of all concerned. Creating a PayPal account is free and easy. You can start by clicking here.

I may be having problems listing an item, what can I do to troubleshoot?

Many listings may be hampered by the format of your image. We advise we check your images and make sure:

1. Your image has no ‘special characters’ in its name (@ * #). It is also advisable (but not essential) to replace any spaces with hyphens or underscores (- _). Here’s an example of how to name an image:

(Incorrect image name: My##ArtRehome Im@ge.jpg) (Correct image name: my_artrehome-image.jpg)

2. The image you’re uploading isn’t greater than 3mb in size. Images larger than 3mb can be a problem for the system and may cause a Runtime error.

How do I delete a listing?

For many reasons, we don’t have a delete button on user listings but using the ‘Suspend Listing’ button will remove the Listing from ArtRehome’s search facility and from the ‘Explore’ pages. To suspend a listing, just go into ‘My Account’ and next to the listing you want to remove, click on ‘Suspend Listing’ in the right hand column.

(N.B: If it is important that a listing is completely removed from the database, please contact us with a copy of the url of your listing (a link to the listing you need removed) and we will try to help where possible.)