Joshua Burns
Suffolk, United Kingdom

For A-level art I focued on the Human Condition in the form of video art for the first year, and architectural deformation for the second year. This painting captures a moment of a telephone booth situated outside a hotel. The image has been distorted from the original photograph in order to center the telephone booth and emphasize its isolation in space. Inspired by the works of Carla Klein, I collaged photographs to look at architecture and spaces which show a connection to human presence. This painting of a telephone booth is situated at a rest stop on a motorway. It is an oxymoron where it appears to be a lonely, empty space with lacking in human presence, however the telephone is waiting for use and therefore has a strong connection to humanity. A telephone is a modern necessity to connect with the world, but maybe this telephone is outdated by newer technology, it has become a last resort 'phonecard'. By contrasting detail in the painting as one end of the picture fades, I feel I have used similar technique to Carla Klein to create depth and structure. This final piece is exaggerated monochrome as I have almost completely removed its colour (except a touch of blue) mainly to emphasize the darkness embedded in the original photograph. The cold grey's have been created using a mixture of blues, browns and black. This effect does help to separate the phone booth from its surroundings depicting its functionality and questioning why it was chosen to be placed there. Along with my artists, I have not copied the photograph. I have achieved this by enlarging the image into a panoramic centering the phone booth between emptiness and detail. The painting took four weeks to complete.

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