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Space Rubbish

Abstract image constructed from photos I took of a heap of rubbish, fly-tipped on waste ground used as a car park. For a couple of years I made a collection of photos of rubbish and digitally developed them to form abstract pictures. This one, listed shows the arrangement as I found it; the spiky bits are blades of grass. All aspects of my images are my own I do not use any commercial textures etc. I thought the image looked like a Space Craft, hence the title. It is printed on an Acrylic Panel with hanger attached.

Collecting the Lobster Pots

A print of a mixed-media, painting, photography printed on a Wooden Panel Inspired by watching a boat off the North Cornwall coast between Widemouth and Millook. The cliffs here are high with beautiful far reaching views. The cliffs here are carpeted with Thrift, the pretty, little pink flowers that scramble around the rocks. The wooden panel has a hanger fitted, ready to hang from a single nail.

From the Clifftop

Digital Image on an Acrylic Panel This is a merger of photos taken on the cliffs above Widemouth Bay, Devon; photos taken of Dartmoor and scans of my landscape paintings digitally worked in layers and blended to form a semi-abstract picture The panel has hangers fixed and is ready and easy to hang.

About ArtRehome

ArtRehome was created to make it easy for art lovers to buy and sell good quality art globally. It was founded by Mark David Hatwood FRSA, who has worked in the arts for over 4 decades. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Mark bought his first gallery in 2012, increasing its turnover by 500% in just 4 years and winning a prestigious Best Regional Gallery award.

As the owner of 2 successful online galleries, Mark writes regularly for the UK’s leading art magazine, The Artist as well as for regional magazine, Cornwall Today.

In 2019 Mark released his 5th book, The Artist’s Handbook - Artist/Gallery relationships in the Digital Age.

Mark is delighted that the germ of an idea he had 5 years ago is now successfully bringing art lovers together from around the world through ArtRehome.

Welcome to Art Rehome, Specialists in the Resale of Fine Art

Welcome to ArtRehome, a unique website that specialises in the Sale and resale of fine art. Our aim at ArtRehome is, as the name suggests, to help find homes for preowned and new fine art, uniting sellers and buyers of all types of artwork… and ArtRehome is free to sign up and list!

Moving on from the traditional auction houses and more personal than the modern auction websites, ArtRehome offers a safe platform on which to advertise your artwork to our many users whilst supporting the industry by sustaining the price of art.

You can browse the wide range of preowned and new works of fine art for sale on ArtRehome’s large and growing database. The stock is changing daily, so why not sign up to our service so you don’t miss out on that piece of art you have been looking for?

Additionally, our unique Art Provenance Rating System offers peace of mind to buyers and sellers of fine art. The Provenance Rating System invites artists or other specialists such as galleries and dealers, the chance to provenance rate any piece of art if it’s needed. This unique system gives buyers confidence and assurance of the authenticity of the artwork available for sale.

So if you have a piece of fine art and you would like to use our reselling service, then why not sign up today? Signing up and listing is free, quick and easy and offers you the chance to have your artwork on the market in an easy, user-friendly way. And you only pay a small commission when it sells!

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