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Veera Zukova ”Bloom” 60*50cm Acryl, flat canvas Year 2018 , interesting, unusual, abstract, colorful, unique, psychedelic, positive Very colorful bold work, made with big inspiration. Acrylic on canvas.

Coin du jardin

Framed oil painting of tulips in the artist own garden in the South of France. By contemporary French artist Evelyne Ballestra. Born in 1949, she studied under painter Rolf Dürig, renowned master of the Swiss expressionist movement. Ballestra’s flower series is defined by their distinct colors, vibrating materials and form. Reminiscent of the Fauvist movement, her juxtaposition of colors and large canvas allude to a certain freedom that is seen in the Post-Impressionist works of Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse. Since 1974, Ballestra has exhibited in over 25 major group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. Certificate of authenticity and provenance hand-written and signed by artist. Measurement canvas only: H 660mm W 820mm Depth 20mm Framed: H 850mm W 1000mm D 35mm Recent verified sales : 2020 Million et Associates at Porte d’Orient Paris 6000 euro. 2020 Ist Dibs 8418 euro. Shipping from Beausoleil 06240 France UPS standard flat rate domestic France Metropolitaine 267 euro TVA included. World-wide UPS standard flat rate depending on international destination apply.

Evening on the Downs

Original oil on canvas by David Dipnall. Purchased from the artist via Omell Galleries Windsor 1992. Frame size W.860mm x H. 550mm x D. 40mm.

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ArtRehome was created to make it easy for art lovers to buy and sell good quality art globally. It was founded by Mark David Hatwood FRSA, who has worked in the arts for over 4 decades. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Mark bought his first gallery in 2012, increasing its turnover by 500% in just 4 years and winning a prestigious Best Regional Gallery award.

As the owner of 2 successful online galleries, Mark writes regularly for the UK’s leading art magazine, The Artist as well as for regional magazine, Cornwall Today.

In 2019 Mark released his 5th book, The Artist’s Handbook - Artist/Gallery relationships in the Digital Age.

Mark is delighted that the germ of an idea he had 5 years ago is now successfully bringing art lovers together from around the world through ArtRehome.

Welcome to Art Rehome, Specialists in the Resale of Fine Art

Welcome to ArtRehome, a unique website that specialises in the Sale and resale of fine art. Our aim at ArtRehome is, as the name suggests, to help find homes for preowned and new fine art, uniting sellers and buyers of all types of artwork… and ArtRehome is free to sign up and list!

Moving on from the traditional auction houses and more personal than the modern auction websites, ArtRehome offers a safe platform on which to advertise your artwork to our many users whilst supporting the industry by sustaining the price of art.

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