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Homes & Hearts Resin Sculpture by Paul Horton

Limited Editions of 395 - individually signed by Paul Horton. Number 273. Boxed as new with certificate.

Venice Canal 1988 by Marco Sassone

"Venice Canal" 1988 by Marco Sassone Limited Edition Print # 198/250 Serigraph on 100% rag paper Size: 42x38 inches || 107x97cm


This is a pastel on paper. This is the original. There are currently limited edition prints of it available online at his website. The artist, Nick Cudworth, is still a practicing artist with his own gallery in Bath. He was represented by the Portal Gallery in London where we purchased this many years ago. Nick holds a BA Hons. from Chelsea School of Art. His reputation as an artist has been gained by having exhibited in galleries throughout the world including London, Milan, Winnipeg and New York. He joined The Portal Gallery in Piccadilly in 1997 where he has had several successful one man shows. Nick was commissioned by The Royal Mail to design a set of stamps for the Commonwealth Games which were on show at The Post Office Museum in Bath. In 1999 The National Portrait Gallery in London purchased a painting of his of film director Ken Loach for their permanent exhibition. This picture is framed to a high standard and is in perfect condition. Nick tells me this is one of his finest pastels and it would comfortably sell in his Bath gallery for £4,500 and probably for £7,000 in a London gallery. I'm pricing it for a quick sale. The detail on the pastel is so fine that you can make out the dust on the top of the chair and the Cello shows all its little nicks and scratches that it's picked up over the years. The light area under the chair is the natural colour of the paper - everything else is coloured in. When people first see it they think it's a photograph and then you notice them stare at it as it begins to dawn on them that it's drawn. We've enjoyed it for 15 years - but time to move on...

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